Living atlas of quality
in architecture and the built environment

Our Logo: Representing All 4 Types of Partners

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The program has three aims:

  1. Analyzing the current limitations of environmental norms and sustainability models to bring us closer to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  2. Co-designing new paths to equity, diversity and inclusion in the built environment.
  3. Defining new frameworks for the definition of quality so as to enhance the social value of the built environment through roadmaps to quality.

To achieve these objectives, the partnership brings together methodologically 4 sets of stakeholders concerned with the use, scientific study, planning, design, construction and management of built environments:

  • Citizens (representatives of communities including minorities and underrepresented populations).
  • Cities(national, provincial and municipal actors in the public procurement of built environments).
  • Organizationsassessing quality (professional associations, award-granting institutions, councils, cities).
  • Universities(interdisciplinary research teams).