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Indigenous Values in Research Ethics: Partner Dr. Josie C. Auger on the Kikapekiskewin Podcast

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Kikapekiskwewin is a Cree word referring to a future conversation. Dr. Josie C. Auger and her colleagues planned to host the conversation over two days at an online and in-person event in June 2022.
Dr. Auger and a team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people organized and produced this 8-part series of podcasts.
At the heart of each podcast, Indigenous cultural values in the context of post-secondary research ethics are discussed by Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples who presented at the event or were members of the organizing team. These podcasts are a contribution to the body of work on Indigenous research methodologies. The kikapekiskwewin podcasts on cultural values and research ethics are numerically ordered.
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To contact the organizing team, you may email indigenous.ethics.pod[at]gmail.com
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