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Heritage Buildings and Their Adaptive Reuse: Virtual Partner Roundtable at UCarleton

RESEARCH SITE: Led by Carleton University

THEME: Adaptive Reuse for a Sustainable Future

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On Monday, February 27, 2023, the Carleton research team was joined by 11 of our partners in person and through Zoom for a research update and lively discussion on the adaptive reuse of existing and heritage buildings. During our roundtable, experts in adaptive reuse were able to share their ideas as well as their expertise on the potential social, environmental and economic benefits of building reuse. Among many other topics, we also discussed key leverage points for promoting the retention and reuse of existing buildings in Canada; policy from the community, municipal, provincial and federal perspectives; additional awards and case studies of interest; and potential research outputs.
We are excited to continue expanding on this research in collaboration with our partners and thank them for sharing their time, interest and insight on these topics.
Many thanks again to the following for participating:

Carleton Team

Melissa Lengies, Carleton University

Dana Mastrangelo, Carleton University

Taylor Quibell, Carleton University

Mario Santana, Carleton University

Mariana Esponda, Carleton University


Laurie Smith, CIMS

Gabriela Sanchez, APT

Andrée-Ann Langevin, APT

Martin Contal, PSPC

Bianca Lagueux, PSPC

Chris Wiebe, National Trust

Lesley Collins, City of Ottawa

Chris Uchiyama, CAHP

Jeanie Gartly, CAHP

Michael McClelland, ERA

Marie-Louise Gidaro, Global Affairs

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