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Ensuring Accessibility and Inclusiveness in the Partnership: The Rick Hansen Foundation as a Key Partner

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Along with Jonathan Marriott, Rick Hansen Foundation’s CEO, Doramy Ehling, joined the Montreal National Convention on August 24-26 2022. A key national partner of the Partnership, the Rick Hansen Foundation actively works on "breaking down one of the most fundamental barriers that people with disabilities still face: physical barriers in the places where we live, work, learn and play". The RHF has developed a thorough expertise in advocacy and will prove to be instrumental in helping the partnership develop a communication strategy that is adapted to its goal and effective in reaching its target audience. In addition, the RHF will bring forth a focus and awareness throughout the fourteen research sites on inclusiveness and accessibility in the built environment for people living with disabilities. The Rick Hansen Foundation was established in 1988 "to raise funds and awareness to create a world without barriers for people with disabilities". The Foundation focuses on increasing awareness and developing solutions to create a more inclusive and accessible world.

Link to the Rick Hansen Foundation Website: www.rickhansen.com