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The Flow of Wealth: Waterloo Region Roundtable with Partners on Methodologies and Case Studies

Integrated resilienceIntegrated resilience

On August 9th researchers at the University of Waterloo–Andrea Atkins (AE/Civil); Mohamad Araji (AE/Architecture); Adrian Blackwell, Nurielle Ann Gregorio, Ogulnabat Jumayeva (Architecture)–met virtually with partners Kyra Chisholm (Climate Action WR); Bruce Haden (Fluid Sociability); Andrew Payne (Masonry Council of Ontario); Judy Maan Miedema (Region of Waterloo), Sean Campbell (UNION coop), Melissa Bowman (Waterloo Region Yes in My Backyard).

The session allowed us to brainstorm about our methods for analyzing both social and environmental costs of multi-unit residential buildings, and the criteria by which we will choose case studies of both publicly funded and market housing in Waterloo Region.

Thanks to all the participants. We heard amazing feedback from our partners on issues such as the importance of incorporating stability, accessibility and "the flow of wealth" as core housing needs and received tips on appropriate software which could help facilitate data gathering. We are now considering ways to integrate these ideas into the methods.

To learn more about the research site led by Waterloo University in Waterloo, click here.
Image caption: A sketch of proposed methodologies to analyze social costs based on two tracks urban morphology and UN Core housing needs, with post-it notes showing partners suggestions for additions and resources. Notes are concentrated on the right side of the diagram, where partners suggested important additions of accessibility, stability and the flow of wealth to UN core housing needs of adequacy, affordability and suitability.